About Down Syndrome

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About Down Syndrome

Persons with Down syndrome are human beings with the same needs and aspirations as anyone. As persons they are not reducible to some list of problems, diagnostic labels or impairments but like all humans comprise various traits and qualities that defines each individual with his or her own unique character. Each person has his own life story, and most are written entirely by these persons, through their words and actions.

Remarkable lives
To learn more about the truly remarkable lives and accomplishments of persons with Down syndrome we encourage you to visit these websites

The National Down Syndrome Congress: We're More Alike Than Different Campaign

The National Down Syndrome Society: My-Great-Story

Sometimes the stories of people with Down syndrome are difficult to understand and may need to be written or interpreted by others on their behalf. 

What people with Down syndrome may experience
Some individuals with Down syndrome experience a combination of medical, developmental, behavioral, and mental health difficulties, which can undermine learning, social integration, school or job performance and daily function. Despite the frequency of such concerns, and their inherent complexity, these conditions are not well understood. Instead they are easily misinterpreted or misconstrued and remain under-emphasized in parent and professional training programs.
     …..Navigating these rough seas is what we are attempting to do 


Dual-Diagnosis and Complex Needs
Behavioral and mental health concerns exist in up to 25-35% of children, adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome. Families experiencing these concerns understand very quickly how complex Down syndrome is.  Many in our society, including those on whom your child must depend, may not appreciate or understand what it means when behavior and mental health become prominent concerns for your family. Those living with a family member with Down syndrome, intellectual disability and a behavioral or mental health disorder “dual-diagnosis” know firsthand how difficult it can be to find informed professional opinion to address their specific questions, concerns or provide strategies and ideas for management in daily living.
More than developmental delay or intellectual disability, these concerns are the NUMBER ONE reported cause of educational, vocational or social challenge and emotional distress in affected individuals.

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