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Autistic-Like Behavior Disorders

Autistic-like Behavior Disorders in Children with Down Syndrome

blue-green-brown, 1952 Mark RothkoThe Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and Stereotypic movement disorder (SMD) are considered together because they may present similarly and are frequently confused with one another. When considered together DS+ASD and DS+SMD appear to align along a continuum of cognitive-language-social impairment. Thus, even though SMD may not officially be on the autism spectrum because it fails to meet a certain threshold for impairment there are many similarities between these related conditions. 
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Developmental Function

Developmental Function in Children with Down Syndrome

orange-red-yellow, 1961 Mark RothkoBrain Development Brain size is often normal throughout gestation and the first 6 months of postnatal life before decelerating during the second half of the first year of postnatal life. The brain in Down syndrome is said to have a characteristic morphologic appearance that permits it to be easily identified at autopsy. Decreased size and weight with foreshortening of the anterior-posterior diameter, flattening of the ... Read more

Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Children with Down Syndrome

blue-orange-red, 1951 Mark RothkoThe term disruptive behavior refers to an observable pattern of behaviors that disrupt interpersonal or group activities. It is important to distinguish active children with “mental-age" appropriate behavior from those with a mental-age discrepant behavior and a persistent pattern of behavioral problems associated with poor social and/or academic achievement. The psychiatric literature recognizes several different conditions which describes many, but not all, types of disruptive behavior seen... Read more


Family Life and Children with Down Syndrome

We respectfully decline to write on this topic with any real authority. Use the comment box to tell us what your family might lead to that book you've been thinking about writing!

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The care burden of families with members having intellectual and developmental disorder: a review of the recent literature. Wang, K. (2012)
Family burden related to clinical and functional variables of people with intellectual disability with and without a mental disorder. Irazabal, et al (2012)
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