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 FAQs for parents and caretakers who want to BROWSE and familiarize themselves on these topics. Always a good place to start
Become familiar with the scope of child behavior, mental health, development, sleep or medical conditions in children with Down syndrome

  • Easy to follow discussions on timely topics
  • Q&A format

 Help Now for parents and caretakers who want to know WHAT to do. Some people will want to rush into this section first, but we recommend that you read the corresponding Learn More or FAQ articles as well 
Understand WHAT you can do about your child’s behavior, mental health, development, sleep and medical conditions

  • Management tips
  • Visual learning aides
  • Talking points for a visit to your Pediatrician
  • Specific items for developing an Action plan
  • External links
  • Editor's choice - pleasant diversions                

 Learn More for parents and caretakers who want to know HOW or WHY things happen. This is a good place to be when you’re looking for explanations

Understand HOW your child’s behavior, mental health, development, sleep or medical conditions may be impacting each other
Understand WHY these conditions coexist in people with Down syndrome

  • Definitions and easy to understand explanations
  • Terms and nomenclature defined
  • Links to clinical research (PubMed) articles specific to Down syndrome
  • External links


 A Cautionary Note

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